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What will mediation cost me?

Mediation is much more affordable than either attorney or standard counseling fees. Besides my lower fees, I have discount options that can help you afford to get the help you need, either by a delayed payment plan or by discounting the fees due to financial need. If money is a problem, don't hesitate to ask about options.

How long will I have to wait to begin mediation?

Mediation can generally begin within a week or two of your contacting me, depending on my schedule and the calendar (holidays, etc). In no case should we have to wait more than two weeks to meet.

Who will have to attend my mediation? Will my children have to come?

The only ones who must attend mediation are the two disputed parties. In other words, if your dispute is with your ex-spouse, you and they must be present; if your dispute is between you and a teenaged child, you'll both have to attend, etc. Attorneys are welcome to attend with their clients; however, they are not to take part in the actual mediation. If your attorney attends with you, you will be responsible for both your mediation fee and your attorney's fees. If you wish to consult with your attorney during the mediation, you may step out of the mediation room and do so, but your attorney may not interfere with the mediation.

Who can use mediation?

Anyone who is stuck in an argument with someone else. My speciality and over 13 years of experience are with married couples, divorced husbands and wives, and parents and their children. Read more about how mediation works HERE.

How long will I have to attend mediation?

Until you feel your goals have been met. Mediation is a voluntary opportunity for you and whomever you're in conflict with to agree on a resolution to your dispute. You may stop the mediation at any time you wish; of course, you want to accomplish your original goals first.

Why should I choose you, instead of others, to do my mediation?

I specialize in stepfamily, divorced parenting, couple communication, and breaking and broken family issues. I have helped thousands of conflicted couples — married or not — to successfully create solutions to their disputes. You may read more about my qualifications and background HERE.

Are mediated agreements legally binding?

In most cases, yes. Family courts will almost always accept a mediated agreement that affects a legal separation of divorce. Many mediations result in private agreements between two people (an ex-husband and an ex-wife, for example) which have little or no bearing on the legality of a divorce. Many agreements simply make it easier for two people to cooperate and work together.

What if my spouse (or ex-spouse) won't come to mediation?

Both parties must be willing to at least attend the mediation. If your ex-spouse refuses to attend the meetings, no amount of discussion can help settle a disagreement.

Can you help by mediating my divorce?

Yes, I regularly assist with the fundamental agreements to divide physical and monetary assets, decisions regarding alimony and child care support needed, and, most importantly, determining how to share time with the children and how to talk to them about the divorce.

I'm already divorced, how can you help us with our arguments?

Although you may be divorced already, if you have children from the previous marriage you must develop a realistic plan to work together to raise your children and to care for their needs, both physical and emotional. Mediation is often the best way for two parents who cannot easily discuss emotional matters to sit down and work together. I can help you understand your children's needs, develop schedules and task sharing plans, and create ways to work together without increasing tensions.

My question wasn't answered here, how do I get an answer?

Just ask! Email me at
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