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Family Mediation

Here are comments from some of my clients regarding work
we've done together for their families:

  • "You saved our marriage!! Bless you!" W. Harris, Texas
  • Tom G. says "Honestly, I didn't want to go to mediation because I thought it was foolish to talk about our personal family arguments with a stranger, but my ex-wife convinced me to try one meeting. Mr. Collins was sincere and very professional. After just a couple of meetings, we were able to work out a plan that will help us take better care of our children without nearly as much upset. I now believe in mediation and Mr. Collins skills and I recommend him highly."
  • "Thank you for helping with the mess my life was in. I really didn't think anything or anyone could get my ex wife to listen to reason about our kids but you got her to listen and now we can talk to each other like humans. Thank you for my kids and for my sanity." Kevin, Oregon

  • Sue says "Going to STEP-Carefully support group meetings have been a marriage saver, the personal coaching by Bobby when our marriage was very delicate definitely saved our marriage and brought kevin and me closer than ever."
  • Shelli says "My husband and I went to Bobby for pre-marital counseling---he prepared Brian for the worst that could happen in a blended family, then gave us the tools needed to work together. Brian, who had never married, entered our marriage with his eyes wide open, and has been the best husband and stepfather I could have ever hoped for! Thank you, Bobby, for all you continue to do for families!"
  • Susan says "STEP-Carefully's services should be a "must" for any family that is blended. Bob Collins, the STEPcoach is helpful, practical, responsive, and wise from experience!"
  • "Thanks for your caring heart. Thanks for giving of your time and self to help families out here in the world to make it. God Bless you." Betty S.
  • "Bobby Collins is the BEST in the business when it comes to Stepparenting. I have been with Bobby's group "STEP-Carefully" for 10 years and it is a wonderful online site with great information and incredible support. I always know that whether I am up or down in my parenting, Bobby and our group are there 24/7 providing helpful, meaningful, and conscientious support. Way to go Bobby!" Cheryl, Maryland
  • Terri R says "When I first found Bob Collins web-site it was like finding an oasis in the desert. As I live in Volgograd Russia, I have not used Bobs full service's but the web-site has been a great help in giving my Russian wife an understandng that we are not the only family to have conflicts after re-marrying. Well done my best wishes for your business and your wonderful web-site."
  • "We have found STEP-Carefully to be like OXYGEN for Blendeds. Thank you for the help!" R Allen, Arkansas
  • Cara says "STEP-Carefully has a great curriculum for your church or small group. We use it in our small group and it has been a great resource for us. It has helped us start and continue lively and helpful discussions. Thanks!"
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